VIDEO #19: Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking

oVIDEO #19: Nuggets to Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking

Practice! – Practice! – Practice!

This Video is the Last of Nineteen about Lessening The Fear of Public Speaking!

Video Transcript

Fred Miller, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!”

Here’s the last my Nuggets to Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking.

This is the Golden Nugget!

If you’re going to take away nothing but this one Nugget to Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking and become a better Public Speaker, this is it!

Are you ready?

Speak! – Speak! – Speak!

If you want to be a Baker – Bake!
If you want to be a Swimmer – Swim!
If you want to be a Speaker – Speak!

“The learning is in the doing!”

There is no other way.

You can intellectualize about it, watch videos, read books, go see other speakers.

“The learning is in the doing!”

What’s the worst that could happen?
The Baker’s cake falls.
The Swimmer comes in last.
And the Speaker makes a fool of himself.

Big Deal! Who Cares!
It’s a drop in the ocean of your life. It’s nothing!

“The worst speech you’ll ever give, will be far better than the one you never give!”

That’s worth repeating.
“The worst speech you’ll ever give, will be far better than the one you never give!”

This stuff works!

And if you want more stuff that works, buy my book! Amazon is discounting it right now. It’s a great deal!

Till next time, Fred Miller – NO SWEAT!

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  1. Jennifer Tobias

    I know that practice is the way to improved performance, and success in any endeavor. I find that making time to practice can be challenging and I am sure I am not alone in this.

    Do you offer any coaching packages that would assist someone in creating a practice schedule?


  2. Jennifer Tobias

    Hi Fred,

    That last Nugget is a huge one! I can tell you speak from experience.

    Can you tell me where someone who wants to get some practice might go to do just that; practice?!

    Will you be offering a day long workshop in February where folks can work on building a great speech and then get some “live” audience practice?

    If you are offering this, please let me know.

  3. Post
    Fred E. Miller

    Thanks for asking, Jennifer!

    I teach these skills as part of the St. Louis Community College Continuing Education Program.
    Here is a link to the upcoming schedule: STLCC Communication Skills

    I plan to hold classes in other venues in the future!

    FYI, I also do individual coaching: In person, by phone, or via Skype anywhere in the world!

  4. Thad James

    As always, Fred hits the head on the nail. I’m an expert in my field and that didn’t happen overnight. I have spent countless hours practicing my craft. And by applying the same principles to public speaking, I have become comfortable with my abilities. Thank you, Fred Miller!

  5. Post
    Fred E. Miller

    Thanks for your comment and question, Jennifer!

    Even if you have just a week to prepare… practice and preparation help are available, “ I have my ” Power Prep” coaching program available for those of you needing it.

    For those who want more information, please contact

  6. Post
    Fred E. Miller


    What you do is AMAZING!

    You make it look easy because you Practice – Practice – Practice!

    Thanks for posting your comment!

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