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Gems for Your Slide Presentation

Slide Presentation

Your audience has three main styles of learning.
• Visual – Seeing something.
• Auditory – Hearing something.
• Kinesthetic – Doing something.
We use all three to different degrees. Nothing is good or bad. It is what it is.

For speakers, if more than one of these styles can be addressed to convey your message, the odds they’ll GET IT! are dramatically increased.


BOTH these Books are MUST READS for. . .

I am a Speaker, a Coach, and an Author.
I’m also a Reader!

By reading great books on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, I’ve immensely increased my knowledge of my craft, and improved my presentations!

I’ve placed brief reviews of two recent tomes in this Post. They both helped me. Reading them will benefit you, also!


Speakers at the Conventions Were Given. . .

Depending upon their time slot, speakers at the recent National Political Conventions, were seen and heard by thousands to millions of people.

What an amazing time to showcase themselves and their presentation skills! What a fantastic item to add to their resumes!

My mantra is: “Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!”

Obviously, another Speaking Opportunity that could be added to that list is Political Opportunities.

To be on a national stage, at an extremely important event, is something most of us only dream of doing.


Are You a Good Speaker? Well, Good isn’t Good Enough!

Who wants Good? I don’t!
Do you want: Good coffee, a Good meal, or a Good spouse? NO!
You want: a Great cup of coffee, a Fabulous meal, and an Incredible spouse – Correct!

Let’s Look at Speakers:
Many are Not Very Good.
Who wants to waste time watching and listening to them?
A lesser number of speakers are Good.
Again, do you want Good Coffee?
Few speakers are Very Good!
These are the speakers who are perceived as Experts.
Perception is reality, and we like to work with Experts.
These people grow their businesses, advance their careers, and increase their leadership roles.


Your Elevator Speech: The Goal is Very Different. . .

In the Group Scenario, without infringing on the time other presenters are allocated, we want to give an Elevator Speech that clearly tells attendees:

Who we are.
What we do.
Who is a prospect.
Something that gives us credibility and distinguishes us from others in our field.

The Individual, Face-To-Face situation and Goal is different.


Our NonVerbal Communication is Both. . .

What they see, they believe! If there is inconsistency in a presentation, the NonVerbal messages the audience see, is what they will give credence to over the words they hear. This is why it is imperative to be aware of what the audience is receiving visually from your presentation, whether it is deliberate or unintentional. Possibly, it’s not the message you think you’re delivering!