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BOTH these Books are MUST READS for. . .

I am a Speaker, a Coach, and an Author.
I’m also a Reader!

By reading great books on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, I’ve immensely increased my knowledge of my craft, and improved my presentations!

I’ve placed brief reviews of two recent tomes in this Post. They both helped me. Reading them will benefit you, also!


Personal STORIES Reinforce the. . .

Telling your audience Stories is one of the Best Ways to reinforce the Points you make in the Body of your Speech.

Stories illustrate, in the mind’s eye of people seeing and hearing you, the Points of the message you are delivering. Great Presenters are Great Storytellers.


Fear of Public Speaking? What’s it Costing. . .

I have coached a number of people who, because of the Fear of Public Speaking, have passed on Speaking Opportunities. They watched others, who took those opportunities, receive recognition, promotions, and salary increases. Many felt they did better work and were more qualified, but the “Speaker” received the leadership opportunity.

If you’ve been in this situation, you’re not alone. Many people have a Fear of Public Speaking.


The Fear of Public Speaking! – The What Ifs?

The Biggest “What If” is:

What If I’ve got nothing to say that anyone would ever have an interest in hearing?

Lots of people have that What If?

They shouldn’t! Each and every one of us have life experiences and knowledge others would benefit from having presented to them. Often, we can’t see that in ourselves.


Speakers: Instructions For Your Audience Are. . .

If the speaker has developed and practiced a speech, the audience should follow certain “Guidelines” that give the presenter an opportunity to deliver their message so the audience GETS IT! They don’t have to agree with all of it. They don’t have to agree with any of it. However, unless they GET IT! there can’t be a significant discussion going forward.


The Fear of Public Speaking – KSDK Interviews. . .

It could be a wedding toast or a class assignment in high school or college. Most of us get anxious when we’re asked to talk to an audience.

It’s the number one phobia, called glossophobia. When it comes to talking the talk, many people would rather get a root canal or an IRS audit than make a speech.


The Worst Speech You’ll Ever Give,

Each and every one of us, at times in our lives, has something we feel strongly about.
Often, we want to make our feelings know to others so that, perhaps, action can be taken.
Sometimes there is a forum and opportunity to “speak up” and make our wishes known.
Some grab the opportunity. Many opt to pass. Some pass, unfortunately, because of the above reasons for the Fear of Public Speaking.