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Speakers: Make a Point – Tell a Story!

Here’s the Point: Each of us has a personal story to tell.

You have stories of: overcoming adversity, not quitting, speaking your mind when it wasn’t the popular belief, and other stories from your school of hard knocks.

The Key is to do as they say in practicing yoga – “Be present on the journey and always in the moment.”

Be aware of what’s happening when it’s happening.

Then, when those stories occur in real time, capture them, and put them in the hard drive that is your brain!

Do this, and you’ll start building files of stories to use when you’re developing and preparing a speech.

Then use these in the Make a Point – Tell a Story elements part of the body of your talk.


Your Elevator Speech: The Goal is Very Different. . .

In the Group Scenario, without infringing on the time other presenters are allocated, we want to give an Elevator Speech that clearly tells attendees:

Who we are.
What we do.
Who is a prospect.
Something that gives us credibility and distinguishes us from others in our field.

The Individual, Face-To-Face situation and Goal is different.


Our NonVerbal Communication is Both. . .

What they see, they believe! If there is inconsistency in a presentation, the NonVerbal messages the audience see, is what they will give credence to over the words they hear. This is why it is imperative to be aware of what the audience is receiving visually from your presentation, whether it is deliberate or unintentional. Possibly, it’s not the message you think you’re delivering!