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Speakers: Instructions For Your Audience Are. . .

If the speaker has developed and practiced a speech, the audience should follow certain “Guidelines” that give the presenter an opportunity to deliver their message so the audience GETS IT! They don’t have to agree with all of it. They don’t have to agree with any of it. However, unless they GET IT! there can’t be a significant discussion going forward.


The Elevator Speech Booklet – CLICK to Open!

Just as an Elevator goes up one floor at a time, the Elevator Speech should be delivered “by the floor.”

At each stop, the verbal and/or nonverbal signal to look for is, “Tell me more.”

Everyone doesn’t want to go to the Top Floor with you. Some don’t want to leave the lobby! There is no need to waste time and energy taking them all the way up.

The Elevator Speech can be a good tool for Qualifying / DisQualifying prospects.

The Elevator Speech starts simple. As interest and time permit, it is expanded.


Speakers: Brand Yourself with – “No Sweat!”

I’ve worked very hard on my “No Sweat!” Brand:

”No Sweat Public Speaking!” is my book.
”No Sweat Public Speaking!” is my website.
Above my signature on correspondence and emails are the words,
“Make your next presentation – “No Sweat!”
When I encourage others with an upcoming presentation I tell them it will be – “No Sweat!”


Public Speaking is the Key to Opening. . .

Here’s why:
We perceive really good speakers as Experts!

Perception is reality, and we like to work with Experts.

The Research Shows:
• Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities!
• Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities!
• Speaking Opportunities are Leadership Opportunities!

The people who take and make Speaking Opportunities grow the perception they are Experts. They grow their businesses, careers, and leadership possibilities.


Attention, Audience! Be SPEAKER CENTERED – Please!

In most cases, the audience came to learn something, not to see or hear the speaker.

We speakers are the messengers. It’s incumbent upon us to deliver information in a manner that educates, entertains and simply explains it.

However, it’s a Two-Way Street. We speakers need things from the audience to do our job to the best of our ability. We need the audience to be Speaker Centered. They should be focusing on the Speaker!


The Magic of the Rule of Three
Read It – Understand It – Use It!

In his book, Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, Roy Peter Clark provides insights to the Magic of the Number Three:

Use One for power.
Use Two for comparison, contrast. (right – wrong, black – white, up – down, hot – cold)
Use Three for completeness, wholeness, roundness.
Use Four or more to list, inventory, compile, and expand.