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Your Elevator Speech: The Goal is Very Different. . .

In the Group Scenario, without infringing on the time other presenters are allocated, we want to give an Elevator Speech that clearly tells attendees:

Who we are.
What we do.
Who is a prospect.
Something that gives us credibility and distinguishes us from others in our field.

The Individual, Face-To-Face situation and Goal is different.


Speakers: Be Prepared – “STUFF” HAPPENS!

Best to arrive several hours early so seating arrangements, audio, video, lighting, etc. can be checked out and adjusted as necessary.
Know where rest rooms are located and water available.
Be certain, if warranted, that signs directing people as they arrive point the way to the room you’ll be presenting in. If they can’t find the room, they won’t get your message!


ALLTOP is the #1 Site that’s All Over the Top of Public Speaking/Presentations!

Some of the best writers on the web can be found here, and I continue to learn and increase my expertise from their articles.

I’ve learned ways to improve my Opening and Closing, different non-verbal communication skills, better ways to handle questions and a host of other things relevant to me and what I do.


If You BOMB, Take a Lesson from my Grandson!

If you’ve never walked, it takes awhile to learn how. If you’ve never given presentations, it takes awhile to learn how.

If you’re learning to walk, and fall down, you need to pull yourself up, and try, again. If your presentation BOMBS, you need to pull yourself up and try, again.