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Speakers: Authenticity Connects. . .

Candidates are debating and delivering speeches.
Speakers can learn from comments like these:
• “He’s Authentic.”
• “She’s scripted, and not Authentic.”
• “That candidate is connecting with me.”
• “I have no confidence in them.”
• “I trust them.”
• “They don’t seem natural when giving their stump speeches.”

Those perceived as Authentic make a better connection with potential voters than those regarded as not being genuine. If we think they are faking their Authenticity, we don’t trust them. This holds true for speakers, also. If the audience doesn’t believe and trust you, they’ll tune you out.


Speakers: STOP Doing. . .

STOP Doing these things!

STOP Letting the Emcee Write Your Introduction.
• It is your responsibility, not the emcee’s, and is an integral part of your presentation.
• The Introduction is not your bio. No one cares where you went to school,
how many kids you have, or that you collect sea shells.
• The purpose of the Introduction is to give credibility to the speaker.
Attendees should be asking themselves,
“What gives this person the right to speak to us?”