In-House and Customized, Presentation Programs

Do the people at your company need to
improve their Presentation Skills?

Probably so!

Presentations, internal and external, are a very important part of today’s business activities.

Often, it’s a one-on-one, peer-to-peer, mini presentation.  Sometimes it’s an important full blown product introduction, ‘gotta win this one’ presentation.

If they are not done well, the audience doesn’t GET IT!

With business as tough and competitive as it is – Not Getting It! is – Not Acceptable!

A ‘No Sweat’ Public Speaking! Presentation, followed by customized workshops can boost those skills dramatically.

The results are often:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved productivity
  • Better communications
  • More individuals taking leadership roles.

We can take the very specific goals your company has for presentations and develop a team that wil get the results you want.

From Introduction to Closing to PowerPoint Presentations that help the audience GET IT!, a workshop can be tailored for your goals!

We discuss, and work on:

  • Developing a Presentation
  • Practicing a Presentation
  • Delivering a Presentation
  • The Presentation Workshop gets into the specifics of Delivering a Presentation
    • Verbal Communication
      • Vocal Enunciation and Pronunciation
      • Voice Projection
      • Voice Inflection
      • Vocal Cadence
      • Pausing, as an element of Verbal Communication
    • Non-Verbal Communication
      • Eye Contact
      • Facial Expressions
      • Gestures
      • Posture
      • Body Movement
  • The Fear of Public Speaking
    • Why most people  have it
    • Techniques to lessen it
  • Speaking and Presentation Tips
    • How to handle a Q&A Session
    • PowerPoint / Keynote Slide Presentations
    • Taking the ‘Temperature’ of the audience
    • Handing Handouts
    • Humor
    • Props
    • Techniques for getting the audience to remember your message
    • Mind Mapping
      • A visual, non-linear technique that makes developing, practicing and delivering a presentation much easier.
    • What to avoid in a good presentation
  • And much more!

Individual coaching can, and often is, a part of this program.  Group learning is good, but sometimes one-on-one is wanted, and needed, to get to that proverbial ‘next level’.


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