“Meet and Greet”
To Ease the “Fear of Public Speaking!”

"No Sweat Public Speaking! - HandshakeHere’s a good tip!

You’re much more at ease speaking to people you know and friends.

Arrive at your speaking event early.

Wear a Name Tag – It’s important!

Meet and greet the people who came to see and hear your talk.

If they’re wearing a name tag, call them by name.  Ask their name if they are not wearing one.

Thank them for coming and ask what they hope to get out of the event.

During your speech, make eye contact with these new ‘friends’.

Specifically look at them when addressing an issue they told you about.

It’s also really cool to say something in your talk like, “I was talking to Barb Chandler before the presentation today, and she said one of the greatest challenges this company will be facing . . .”

Now, you’ve really made a friend and have found a friendly face to talk to.  Just be sure, when quoting them, that it’s appropriate to the subject and audience.  Know who they are, and even ask permission, when meeting them, if you might mention their comment in your talk.

You’ll find your ‘fear of speaking’ lessens when you speak to people you’ve already met!

About the Author:
Fred E. Miller coaches, speaks and writes about Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.



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