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This Workshop is
‘Mouths On’!Presentation / Public Speaking Workshops

Just like a great meal comes from following an old family recipe, a great speech comes from following a proven formula.

The speech must have the right ingredients, in the right quantities, and be put together in a very specific order.

The ability to stand in front of an audience is a great confidence builder. Even if a person rarely speaks to groups, the ability to do so will greatly improve their one-on-one communications.

People know their careers can benefit if they are able to stand in front of a group and give a presentation.

Those who speak are perceived as experts.  Since perception is reality, those who speak get promoted and, if entrepreneurs, grow their businesses.

This Workshop is delivered in a manner that educates, entertains and explains the components, parts, and elements of a great presentation.  And because it is a Workshop, attendees will participate!

The ‘No Sweat Public Speaking!’ Formula is presented with explanations and examples that leave the audience with the knowledge that they can lean this skill!

Attendees will learn presentations skills.

We discuss, and work on:

  • Developing a Presentation
  • Practicing a Presentation
  • Delivering a Presentation
  • The Presentation Workshop gets into the specifics of Delivering a Presentation
    • Verbal Communication
      • Vocal Enunciation and Pronunciation
      • Voice Projection
      • Voice Inflection
      • Vocal Cadence
      • Pausing, as an element of Verbal Communication
    • Non-Verbal Communication
      • Eye Contact
      • Facial Expressions
      • Gestures
      • Posture
      • Body Movement
  • The Fear of Public Speaking
    • Why most people  have it
    • Techniques to lessen it
  • Speaking and Presentation Tips
    • How to handle a Q&A Session
    • PowerPoint / Keynote Slide Presentations
    • Taking the ‘Temperature’ of the audience
    • Handing Handouts
    • Humor
    • Props
    • Techniques for getting the audience to remember your message
    • Mind Mapping
      • A visual, non-linear technique that makes developing, practicing and delivering a presentation much easier.
    • What to avoid in a good presentation
  • And much more!


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