Elevator Speech Guidelines!

Elevator Speech Guidelines

Fred Miller, NO SWEAT Public Speaking!

Here are some Guidelines for a great Elevator Speech.
Number one: NO Selling!

Selling, if it is to occur, occurs later.
An Elevator Speech is for sorting and sifting.
And for to do that well, It must be clear, concise, and consistent.


If someone hearing it doesn’t understand the words you’re speaking they’re going to turn you off and they’re certainly not going to hire you or refer you.

It needs to be concise.

Fifteen second increments.
I’ve got a lot of Elevator Speeches and what I found is that Less is More.

And finally, it has to be consistent.

If you’re at four different networking events and hear me give my Elevator Speech four times, it better be the same.
If it’s not, there’s a disconnect and you’re going to turn me off.

The bottom line:

That Elevator Speech must clearly articulate what you do in a very concise manner and have an impact.

Do that and I guarantee your Elevator Speech will be absolutely, positively –


Three ways to keep the attention of your audience.

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