The Chamber Has YOU Scheduled. . .

First, this event is Important.

It’s important to the attendees, and it’s especially important to you! If you’ve read my books, watched my videos, or seen me speak, you know my mantra is:

“Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!”

No one ever challenges that statement. Why would they?

The opportunity to speak in front of members of a Chamber is huge. Most of these local groups consist of business owners, top level employees, and community leaders. “Decision Maker” is part of their job description.


The Fear of Public Speaking – KSDK Interviews. . .

It could be a wedding toast or a class assignment in high school or college. Most of us get anxious when we’re asked to talk to an audience.

It’s the number one phobia, called glossophobia. When it comes to talking the talk, many people would rather get a root canal or an IRS audit than make a speech.