Build a Three-Legged Stool to be an EXPERT!

We like to work with EXPERTS – Don’t we? Three

"No Sweat Public Speaking!" EXPERT StoolNaturally, we want people to perceive us as an EXPERT Perception is reality, and people like to work with EXPERTS Correct?

Being perceived as an EXPERT grows your:
1. Business
2. Career
3. Leadership Opportunities

EXPERTS also get paid more for the products and services they provide.

You can accomplish this by standing on a Special Three-Legged Stool that you build!

Here is what those Special Legs are:

1. Speaking
The perception of someone who speaks really well, is that they are an EXPERT!

The research shows:
Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities.

The folks who take and make those speaking opportunities grow the perception they are EXPERTS.  They grow their businesses, careers and leadership possibilities.

SPEAK whenever and wherever you find an opportunity!

Merely being in front of a group and presenting sets you apart.  However, if you want to be apart and above, you must consistently study and apply the art and science of Public Speaking.

2. Internet Marketing
Today the internet gives the “little guy” the same tools the “big boys” work with.

Your Internet Marketing Plan should include:

  • A great Website featuring your Blog
    • Regularly post great content that readers can use and see you as an EXPERT on your subject.
  • Email Marketing
    • Regular drip campaigns that ‘sort and sift’ prospects from non-prospects and lead to sending the correct information to those who really show an interest in your content, products and services.
  • The proper use of social media.
  • Video!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

3. Writing

On line
  • Your regular blogposts that offer great Content.
  • Guest Posts on other people’s blogs that have links to your site.
  • Commenting on the Posts of others.
Off Line
  • Trade Journals.
  • Newspaper and Magazine articles.
  • A Book!
    • It doesn’t have to be a great, big thick one, either.
    • Being an “Author” gives tremendous credibility.  (Perhaps too much in some cases.)
      • Someone who has a published book will find more doors of opportunity open.  Plus they open quicker and easier.

Putting one leg on your EXPERT Stool
          literally gives you a “leg up” on your peers.
Putting on a second leg
          takes your cred of being an EXPERT one notch higher.
Put on that third leg
          and you can stand on the stool, head and shoulders above most people.
          In most their eyes – YOU ARE AN EXPERT!

Continue to make those three legs stronger and taller.
This will grow your EXPERT status.
As it grows, you’ll grow your business, career and leadership opportunities!

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About the Author
Fred E. Miller is a speaker, a coach, and author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!”
Businesses and individuals hire him because they want to improve their
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.
They do this because we perceive really great speakers to be Experts.
Perception is reality and we rather deal with Experts.
They also know: Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities.
Opportunities are Career Opportunities.
He shows them how to Develop, Practice and Deliver Knock Your Socks Off Presentations! with –
No Sweat!

Fred E. Miller
[email protected]



  1. Joe High

    Always great content, Fred. And YOU, my friend are the expert when it comes to building that credibility as a Public Speaking Coach. I expect many great opportunities to come your way!

  2. Russ Henneberry

    This is great stuff Fred! I couldn’t agree more.

    What is the one thing that all three legs of the EXPERT stool have in common? CONTENT!

    When we create valuable content, we grow as experts.

    Thanks so much for writing this!

  3. Post
    Fred E. Miller


    I am shocked you would say that, Russ!

    lol I’ve learned at the foot of the master, sir! Thank you for your invaluable expertise!

  4. Post
  5. Kristin Arnold

    Agree wholeheartedly! And, content is king. You have to be DEEP into the content, knowing the subject matter inside and out. Where does that come into play here? To be a true expert, you should know who all the other experts are in your field. Read their books, blogs etc. In other words, immerse yourself in the topic you consider yourself to be an expert on. And don’t just replicate – create! Our clients can get all kinds of free info off the web. What are you doing to package it, synthesize it, repurpose it and YES, create information that people will listen to and perhaps pay for?
    Matt Church has a great tip for the creation process. As you are delving into your area of expertise, ask yourself where you agree and disagree what others are saying. And say, “Yes and…” or “Yes, but….” and that will help you expand your thinking and your body of knowledge.

  6. Post
    Fred E. Miller


    Your advice Nails It! We have to create the Content, and do it in our own voice.

    CONTENT is King!

    When you provide super content, packaged well and easily understood, the audience will see you as an Expert!

    Thanks for visiting and taking time to post a comment!

  7. Joe High

    Great stuff, Fred! Content is great as well as the picture! Some of us only look at the pictures…

  8. Post
  9. Joe High

    I’m glad you put your glasses on, Fred! Seriously, as a VISUAL learner, I do like to see relevant pictures. And as an Artist, I pay attention to colors, graphics, etc. This is why it’s important to communicate on several different levels, including good content in text and audio. I commend you, my friend!

  10. Post
    Fred E. Miller

    The goal of all communication; Verbal, Written, or Visual, is that the recipient(s), as quickly as possible GET IT!
    They may not agree with everything.
    They may not agree with anything.
    However, unless they GET IT!, there cannot be a meaningful discussion going forward.

    Again, thanks for your comments, Joe.

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