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Public Speaking is most people’s greatest fear – even more than dying!

Advancing your career means sometimes speaking in front of groups.

We expect leaders to speak – and speak well!

The Research Shows:

  • Speaking Opportunities are Business Opportunities.
  • Speaking Opportunities are Career Opportunities.
  • Speaking Opportunities are Leadership Opportunities.

The people who take and make those Speaking Opportunities, and do it well, grow the perception they are Experts.  We like to work with Experts.
They grow their businesses, careers, and leadership opportunities.

Our goal, whenever we communicate, is for the audience to GET IT!  They may not agree with everything we say. They may not agree with anything. But unless they GET IT! there cannot be a meaningful conversation going forward.

A great speech has very specific components, parts, and elements.

NO SWEAT Public Speaking!” clearly details these – step-by-step.

Follow its proven formula and the audience will “GET IT!”
with NO SWEAT!

About Me – Fred E. Miller

When the presentation really counts,
I’m the person to see!

I am a speaker, international coach, and author.
Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations hire because they want to improve their Networking, Public Speaking, and Presentation Skills.
They do that because they know:
Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career, and Leadership Opportunities!”
I show them how to develop, practice, and deliver a ‘Knock Your Socks Off!” presentation with

I am a serial entrepreneur and have owned, or been a partner in, six successful businesses.

My expertise and passions are:
Public Speaking and Mind Mapping.
The two go hand-in-glove for developing, practicing, and delivering a presentation. These two skills have served me well, and I want to teach others.

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills we need, and my goal is to help you!

You can be an expert on a subject, but if you can’t express yourself well, your career will definitely suffer.

I can help You or Your Organization

  • Personal Coaching
  • Presenting a Keynote
  • Developing a PowerPoint/Keynote Slide Presentation
  • Conducting a Workshop
  • Leading a Breakout Session
  • Developing and Delivering a Great Elevator Speech
  • Emceeing an Event
  • Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Facilitating a Meeting

I’ll customize a program to meet your specific needs.

I regularly volunteer as a TEDx Gateway Arch Speaker Facilitator, where I’ve had the opportunity to coach the keynote speakers. I also help unemployed and underemployed with their Elevator Speeches and Presentation Skills at Beyond Networking.


  • Speaking Opportunities are Business, Career and Leadership Opportunities.”
  • “The worst speech you’ll ever give, will be far better than the one you never give.”
  • “I am a Lifelong Learner.”
  • “I believe a smart person knows what they don’t know, and I get smarter every day!
  • Get out of your Comfort Zone!
    • At first it will feel uncomfortable.  (That’s why they call it a comfort zone – duh!)  Once out of it, the comfort will start to set in.
    • When we get out of our Comfort Zone – we make it Larger!
  • “Losing is not the opposite of Winning.  Quitting is!” – Gary Beck.
  • “Things will come to those who sit and wait.  But only the things left by those who hustle!– A. Lincoln
  • “I’m OK –  not being OK.”
    • If I don’t understand something, I’ll ask.
    • If I see the emperor with no clothes on, I’ll point it out!
    • I’ve never been the smartest guy in the room – and that’s OK!
  • “All you can do is Go Forward.”  (I think I borrowed this from Dr. Phil.)
    • Learn from the past.
    • Don’t get hung up on ‘Could have, would have, should have’.  Get over it!
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.  (Nobody else does!)
  • Have a Sense of Humor!
    • And make it self-effacing.
      • Don‘t make others the brunt of your humor.  It’s not funny.
  • Have a Coach’s Mentality.
    • Give others you work with the credit if the job is done well.
    • Take responsibility if it’s not up to what it should be.
      • Trust me on this one.  Those who know – know!


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