Jerry Seinfeld once said,
“Most people, given the option at a funeral,
would rather be in the box than give the eulogy!”


You may not feel quite like that, but
giving presentations may not be
the top of your 
‘Things I like Best! List.

Maybe, you’ve been asked to:

  • Give a speech
  • Make a Presentation
  • Present an Award
  • Receive an Award
  • Give a Toast
  • Give a Eulogy
  • Lead a Discussion
  • Introduce a speaker
  • Be a Master of Ceremonies
  • Speak at your Place of Worship
  • Deliver your Elevator Speech

Perhaps, it’s your turn to:

  • Lead a discussion
  • Give a sales presentation
  • Teach a lesson
  • Conduct a meeting
  • Give a Eulogy
  • Deliver a Toast
  • Tell a group who you are and what you do

Some of you have been told:

  • If you have any ambitions of ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, you’ll have to make some presentations.
  • If you’re ever going to be a leader, people expect you to be a good Public Speaker.
  • You need Public Speaking/Presentation Coaching.
  • Find a Presentation Skills Class or Public Speaking Workshop.

Alternatively, you might:

  • Do some speaking, and want to improve your presentations.
  • Make presentations on a regular basis, and know they could be better.
  • Actually enjoy public speaking, and want to learn a better way to develop, practice and deliver a presentation.
  • Need help developing a great PowerPoint / Keynote Presentation.
  • Develop great speeches, but have a terrible ‘Fear of Public Speaking’ that prevents the presentation from being delivered as you intend.
  • Want some input about subjects and audiences to speak to.

I have worked with:

  • Doctors
  • Students
  • Consultants
  • Pilots
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And just about every profession you can think of.

If any of the above descriptions fits You

This site, my book, and the programs I offer are for You!


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